Upmali Holiday Cottage WebsiteUpmali Holiday Cottage Website
Bird Watching & Nature Reserve

‘Upmali’ is situated right on the very edge of the ‘Seda Nature Reserve’. Established in 1999, this Reserve consists of the vast 7240ha of
Seda wetlands (used for peat extraction), lakes, forests, floodplain and meadows.
Upmali Holiday Cottage Website
Peat moss has been extracted from the Seda heath since
the middle of the last century, but it is nevertheless one of the most important NATURA 2000 territories in Latvia, possibly even Europe,
with a great diversity of landscapes, biotopes and biology – birds in particular. There are over 100 nesting bird species in the reserve and
all-in-all over 140 species of bird have been recorded here. This makes it a great place for bird-watching at all times of year, but especially
during migration season and viewing towers have been set up on the edge of the wetlands for this purpose.

Upmali Holiday Cottage Website
The density of the calling Corn Crake is among the highest in the northern Latvia (between 20-30 breeding birds). Other birds listed at the site
include the Little Crake (between 5-10 breeding birds), the Spotted Crake (between 10-20 breeding birds) and the Great Bittern (between 10-20 breeding
pairs). The Reserve also boasts some of the only Great Snipes

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in the region. The Seda heath is one of the most important

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places in the region for
birds to rest and feed during migration in the spring and autumn. The Whooper Swan, Crane, Tundra Swan, ducks and geese of various species (including
the Bean Goose) all use the area in large numbers during this time and fly in right over the house.

Altogether, the site holds over 30 nationally protected bird species, 3 mammal species and one invertebrate species. Some other bird species
listed include Water Rails, Lesser Spotted Eagle, White-Tailed Eagle, Osprey, Common Crake and Grouse. In the forested area of the reserve the
White-backed Woodpecker and Three-Toed Woodpecker can also be found.

Upmali Holiday Cottage Website
Upmali Holiday Cottage Website
Best of all is the wildlife that can found at the house and the surrounding land itself. Although there is ample lawned area,
the remaining 3 acres are mown only once a year, leaving an abundance of wild plants and flowers and the all-important ‘cover’ for
birds and wildlife to feel safe in the grounds. There is nothing quite like the silent intake of breath when you spot deer passing
through the garden.. or the hunt for the nightingale singing in the woods on the edge of the land. Many an hour can be spent just
sitting watching the wildlife and listening to the beautiful array of bird song. With no sound (or light!) pollution, the dawn chorus
on its own is something to experience! Many birds use the safety of the reserve for roosting and you can almost set your watch by the
by the vast numbers that fly into the reserve every evening.

Upmali Holiday Cottage Website
Viewings from the house itself have included deer, Whinchat, Common Crane, White Stork, Treecreeper, Cuckoo (heard, not seen!),
Yellowhammer, Nightjar (heard, not seen!), Bean Goose and on one, very special evening a White-Tailed Eagle.
There has also been beaver damage in the little stream at the bottom of the garden,
Upmali Holiday Cottage Website
and wild boar are found in the surrounding countryside.
So far both have managed to keep hidden in their beautiful surroundings.


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